International Pipe Freezing and Cryogenics specialize in fluid isolation.
Based in Canada. Available Worldwide.

International Pipe freezing and Cryogenics specialize in fluid isolation by freezing pipes using cryogenic techniques that have been perfected over decades.

We can freeze water, glycol, diesel and gasoline amongst other liquids. We also supply nitrogen for shrink-fitting operations and for use in restaurants.

We have experience working on a variety of projects all over the world; as a result we have vast experience with heating, cooling, and every kind of domestic and industrial water supply.

We also offer a 24-hour emergency service for peace of mind.

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Call +1(647)834-3447 for more details.

“Prompt service & great value for money. I highly recommend International Pipe Freezing”

– Simon Britten, Margate


Save time, money & cut down on environmental issues.


From domestic properties to commercial cruise ships.


International guidelines, stringently followed.